Charissa Balman

Charissa founded Challenger Tennis Academy in 1989 and was head coach until 1998 when she moved to Cape Town with her family. She is widely respected as a coach and also directed Mini Tennis SA in 1992.
Charissa has coached at SACS since 2001, Kirstenhof Primary from 2016, Wynberg Boys Junior from 2014 to 2019 and coached the Western Province U10/12 boys and girls provincial squads. She was the chairperson for the Western Province Tennis Coaches Association. She looks forward to playing in the near future.
Charissa is a keen runner and the founding member of Satori Athletic Club.
Charissa heads up the SACS and Challenger Tennis Academy in Cape Town and is excited about sharing her expertise with you.
Charissa heads up a practice, iEvolve and is a Recovery Life Coach and Trauma facilitator.

Soussanna Coxen

Soussanna is a qualified professional tennis coach with Tennis South Africa.
In 1983-1995 she coached at the Armenian National Tennis Academy, coaching the Armenian National Team and accompanied players to international tournaments.
Soussanna coaches the Western Province u12 girls and boys provincial squads. She has her own school and coaches many junior players.
In 1978 she received a Master of Sport – USSR and in 1979 she qualified with a degree in Physical Culture and Sport. We are fortunate to have her on our team.
Soussanna has coached and been involved with the SACS Tennis Academy since 2001 and Wynberg Boys Junior School from 2014 to 2019.
Soussanna has a passion for the game and has produced some outstanding players who have gone on to play at an international level. She is a committed member of our tennis academies and is well liked by all our students. We are fortunate to have her share her expertise.

Laura Le sueur

Laura is a qualified professional tennis coach with Tennis South Africa.
Her combined experience as an international player, ranked 25 in the world rankings and representing South Africa in the Federation Cup and 36 years experience as a professional tennis coach make a winning combination.
Laura has coached several players who have played on the women’s and men’s international tennis circuit. Laura has coached the WP provincial squads from U10 to U16 for the past 19 years.
As a manager and coach she has taken the u14 teams to Inter provincial and to play the international tennis circuit. We are fortunate to have such a fantastic coach be part of our program and team.
Laura has coached and been involved with the SACS Tennis Academy since 2007 and Kirstenhof Tennis Academy from 2016.

Neill Brigg

Neill is a qualified Play and Stay Tennis Coach with Tennis South Africa.
Neill grew up in England in his primary school years and moved to South Africa in his high school years attending Wynberg Boys High School and matriculating in 2012 from Bergvleit High School where he was awarded full colors for tennis.
Neill has a great track record on the soccer field and a passion for the game.
In 2014, Neill received a Fitness Diploma in Sports Conditioning, personal training and coaching at ETA.
In 2014 Neill worked at Virgin Active Steenberg as a Fitness Instructor
In 2015 Neill joined the Tim Armstrong School of Tennis where he was involved in building
up many programs coaching beginners and intermediate players.
We are delighted to have Neill join us in 2020 and looking forward to his contribution and his passion in teaching our youngsters.

Yolisa Phambaniso

Yolisa is in the process of becoming a tennis instructor. In 2019, Yolisa received and invite from TSA to join the BNP Paribas Mentorship program where he is currently being trained to become a National tennis pro.
He joined our program in 2017 as an apprentice and he has been working closely with our team.
Yolisa is well liked and is a dynamic and enthusiastic young coach.
Selected to play for WP in the U19B squad, he played in the first tennis team at Groote Schuur High School and took part in local provincial tournaments.
He is currently studying Business Practices and Principles at Varsity College. Yolisa has been involved with the SACS Tennis Academy since 2017 and the Kirstenhof Tennis Academy from 2017 to 2019. We are delighted to have Yolisa be part of our program and coaching team.